-Despotic Flock-

Intentions twisted though denied
Logic and consideration pushed aside
Ideals of forefathers forsaken
Treason awakened

Delusionaries take aim
Change the rules of the game
Condemnation of nonconformity
Diluted liberty

Contradictions unseen
Narrow thoughts so clean
All the answers in the word
Free thought? Absurd

A simple lesson ignored
Paths of hypocrisy explored
Imposition of beliefs granted
Another seed of resentment planted

Audible testification necessary
Doubters? Adversaries
Equity in freedom forgotten
Individuality verboten

Targeted by self-righteousness
Asserted truth - who are you to question?
Uncompromising under any circumstance
Underlying arrogance

Religious allusions employed
Inalienable rights destroyed

Condescension validating apprehension
Consolation defying comprehension
Vilification allowing condonation
Compensation creating isolation


A simple lesson ignored
Paths of hypocrisy explored
The will of many cancels the few
Ignorance's coup