Disappointment, too often
Unforeseen contradictions of logic
And the struggle to understand
Why am I here? Living this suffering?
Time is the one that crushes my will

It is fleeting - the will to breathe again
Unknown reasons drive me to endure

Yes, I feel myself sinking
With the feeling that I've lost
Yes, I feel myself drowning
With nothing

Unneeded, unworthy of the things for which I strive
Unmotivated and weak, my limbs allow my drowning

Desperation Ceasing
I can only hope to find the answers sought
Perhaps folded in a shell
Or within the unproven myths

Remnants of endeavors - decapitated

Cut off at the knees
Whispering in the recesses of my loneliness
Have given forth and produced this pessimism

Numerous failings with mysterious sources
Lead to emotional waste
The state in which I remain

Despair, Unending
Despair, Never-ending

Forgotten soul
(I continue receding)
I've lost my heart
(Engulfed in a deluge of emptiness)
Rejected ideas of satisfaction in life

Running feverishly, yet standing still
My feet dig my grave

Dig my grave

Unneeded, unworthy of the things for which I strive
(I'm drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning)
Unmotivated and weak
(I'm drowning)
My Drowning