-Last Link-

Never will I burden another with the perils of life
For one of myself surely would inherit dejection


Taken upon myself
Limitation of potential procreation

Selfishness so prevalent
Exhaust all resources
Ignorance of self-awareness
Lack of vision
Set another fire
Unable to support their progeny
Leech off society
Pass on the family name
Despicable vanity

There must be more to life
A deeper meaning

What is it?

I didn't ask to be born, didn't ask for emptiness
What is the purpose?
Many things widely believed seem so ill-conceived
How can I learn to feel special?

I'm not special

Why do others think they're special, so much better than other forms?
Is it purely human tendency, or is there more?

You say the answer's clear to you
So why can't I see?
It must be my stupidity

If life's a gift, why would I be excluded from receiving reality?


Why was I given this nature?
Am I predestined to not believe?
And why would that be?
Perhaps it's all chemical after all

I refuse to hand down my sorrow to an innocent

I will be the last link in this chain of anguish
It's only fair
I haven't chosen my mentality
It was forced upon me
I shall act upon it

Last Link